Universal Waterless Urinal 3840 Fitment Tool X 12

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12 X Green Drain™ Universal Waterless Urinal 3840 Fitment Tool

Replacing the 3840 Cartridge valve core
After 3 months, or when odor is noticeable, the 3840 Valve Core should be replaced. A small tool is provided.

  • Clean the valve by pouring warm water mixed with some cleaning agent into the urinal waste.
  • Slot the tool into the stainless‐steel grill and twist left (counter‐clockwise) to unlock the cartridge, then gradually pull out the used cartridge and dispose.
  • Insert the new cartridge into the waste outlet, then twist And push until the cartridge drops into place and the gaps In the grill are level with the surface of the urinal bowl, so
    that fluid will not pool.
  • Lock the cartridge into place by slotting the metal tool into the grill and twisting right (clockwise).
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12 X Green Drain™ Universal Waterless Urinal 3840 Fitment Tool

The 3840 Waterless Urinal Cartridge can be installed in a wide range of various urinal designs made from both ceramics, and GRP (glass reinforced plastic). It is important not to use caustic cleaning products, including those containing more than 10% acid, and chlorine‐based products should be avoided as they may reduce the lifespan of the cartridge while damaging the surface of the urinal.