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Listeria & drains: how to wreck their love affair

The Green Drain ... Listeria prevention is better than cure

Listeria is a difficult but not impossible bug to combat, or at the very least to drastically reduce the significant health threat it presents. For food producers/manufacturers, that requires identifying access points.

Sink and floor drains are the most common routes for harmful bacteria, such as listeriosis, to enter any environment. Unprotected sink drains can lead to what researchers call "sinkrelated outbreaks" of serious food- and water-borne diseases. Listeria is just one of them.

Factory floor drains are no less of a menace.

The problem with listeria in particular is that it is such a hardy, nasty little bug. Once it takes hold in nooks and crannies on factory sinks, table tops, cupboards, floors, floor drains, pipes and other areas, it's almost impossible to eradicate fully.

Listeria is one case where prevention is so much better than cure. Finding a cure can be very expensive, and in some cases may involve replacing drainage and plumbing systems. In extreme cases, it may involve demolishing a building altogether and starting again from scratch.

These are extreme cases. Ideally, one would like the water to flow speedily down the drains while preventing harmful pathogens, gases, pests and odours from infiltrating the factory environment.


The reality is that bacteria thrive in drains. These bacteria make up much of that black, gooey gunk you can dig out of any drain at just about any time. The bacteria usually form a sticky biofilm that adheres to surfaces in drainage pipe systems.

Drains effectively act as cradles and the biofilms offer extra protection for the emergence of bacteria, say the experts. The biofilm becomes a type of mat that is not just hard to scrape off, it tends to make bacteria hard to kill with chemicals, other poisons, or heating.

The solution to the persistence and hardiness of bacteria like listeria is Green Drain, a waterless trap for sink and floor drains. Green Drain can help prevent the spread of infection resulting from unprotected floor drains.

The company's marketing material describes Green Drain as "an economical waterless drain trap seal device" with a dual patent design that allows for the flow of water and debris, while blocking pathogens such as listeria as well as gases, odours and pests.

It provides a heavy-duty solution for floor drains that food producers/manufacturers urgently require.

The product’s design flows from the development of an effective and popular urinal cartridge technology, tweaked to fit a wider variety of applications.

Traditional floor drain technology poses a variety of problems in terms of maintenance and safety. Sewer odours, for example, can cause nasty smells emanating from floor drains. Green Drain has a one-way valve to eliminate those nasty odours while keeping the drain fully functional at all times.

Traditional floor drains frequently become a doorway for pests such as flies, cockroaches and rodents. Green Drain has a "silicone skirt" attached, preventing pests from entering the factory.

Traditional drain trap primers need frequent replacing. Green Drain takes a few seconds to install and also acts as a barrier trap protection device.

And while traditional drains require consistent chemical treatments as part of their maintenance, Green Drain eliminates the need for chemical applications, contributing to a healthier, ultimately "greener" environment – hence the name.

Article from: FOOD & BEVERAGE REPRTER | MAY 2018



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